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Since its inception in 2008, Jet There has offered first class air service to ensure your privacy, luxury and safety at an affordable price. We are the only private jet charter based at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids. 

Our aircraft are operated based on the manufacturer's specifications and maintained on preventative maintenance programs. Our pilots are trained by Flight Safety International, the leading training organization, and attend annual recurrent training in addition to a check ride administered by the Federal Aviation Administration every six months.

Our aircraft, pilot training, and federal operating certificate allow us to fly single pilot to accommodate five passengers or four passengers when two pilots are warranted. The flight deck has the latest navigational technology including XM Satellite Uplink Weather, and on-board weather radar. In 2020, we installed Garmin's NXI software and displays to make sure pilots have the best equipment. 

Jet There will customize your travel arrangements to accommodate your schedule and budget. If an on-demand booking process best fits your needs, our flexibility ensures a luxurious and seamless travel experience. We look forward to working with you to schedule your next flight.



The Eastern Iowa Airport has two crossing runways, each over a mile long, and a staffed air traffic control facility. In addition to being easy to access from the ground, its even easier to access from the air even in low visiblity and rainy days with over a dozen published instrument approach procedures.

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